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Attitude is Everything

October 23, 2012
Attitude is Everything

In today’s competitive job market, a well-written resume, highlighting your talents and experience, is critical to securing an interview.  Once the interview is scheduled, it becomes essential to prepare yourself mentally for the next step and I recommend one simple principle:  Attitude is everything.


I must first explain what “attitude is everything” doesn’t mean:


  • Being overly confident
  • A been-there, done-that mentality
  • A mindset that your knowledge and experience is greater than everyone else’s
  • An aggressive, winner-takes-all outlook


An “attitude is everything” approach does mean:


  • You are confident in your abilities and self aware of your limitations
  • Your knowledge and experience are equivalent to the opportunity you are seeking
  • You carry yourself well – posture, self esteem and attire
  • Your demeanor is appropriate for the situation – open, engaging and inquisitive


In my current position, I have had the opportunity to hire for multiple positions over the last several years.  In the process, two facts have become clear:  A candidate, who may not have the most experience or requirements, can be trained to learn what they currently lack.  However, a candidate who possesses all the experience and requirements, but lacks the appropriate demeanor for the organization, may rarely get the job offer.


Let’s face it, interviews can be daunting and the fear of the unknown strikes everyone. How your personality and character stand out during the interview provides insight to how you will function if hired.  As the interview progresses, an employer may be able to validate whether you have the skills required for the position. They may then ask themselves the next series of questions:


  • Can I work with this person?
  • How will this person fit on my team?
  • Does this person have the right personality for the organization’s culture?
  • When the going gets tough, how will this person react to the situation?


Remember, being qualified for the job is not enough today. You will need to use your attitude and demeanor to prove that you are the preeminent candidate for the job, the right fit for the team, and aligned with the organization’s culture. By keeping the above tips and questions in mind, possessing a confident persona and optimistic outlook, you can impress your interviewer and possibly land your ideal job.

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