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Winter Work Clothes that Won't Get You the Cold Shoulder

February 29, 2012
Winter Work Clothes that Won't Get You the Cold Shoulder

Winter is historically a hot time for job interviews.  The old “I am sticking it out for my bonus and then I am gone” mentality means you’ll have to start pipelining your job interviews quickly. For many of us we’re experiencing our first or second snow storm just as spring approaches!  So how do you convey you're professional and presentable even when braving a spring snow storm?

  • Upon arriving at your interview, ask to use the restroom before the receptionist announces your arrival. Change out of your snow boots, brush the snow out of your hair, dry your face and touch up your make-up. This all means you must be early to your interview. If you’re interview is at 10am, make sure you arrive at 9:50am, give yourself some time to pull yourself together and still be on time!
  • Invest in a pair of black wellies or professional looking snow boots. The imagery of rubber duckies on your rain boots does not escape us, they’re simply not appropriate for an interview.
  • Make sure your hands are free for your hand shake; store your umbrella, rain/snow boots and overcoat in a front closet or discretely near a coat rack.
  • Stocking tights are NOT leggings! Leggings in general are probably not a great office attire staple, unless they are super thick and you have a legitimate sweater dress on. They're also not appropriate for an interview. No, you cannot wear a shirt to your waist and leggings. I’m sorry – you just can’t. If you're wearing tights to work, you certainly should not be able to see any skin and you should not be able to see any strain in the material, regardless of the pull.
  • Wool suits – make sure they are well tailored, the material is thick and you don't want your suit to look frumpy, especially upon an interview's first impression.
  • Don’t brave a storm without a topcoat. Wearing a soaked business suit into your interview is NOT a good look. If you don’t have a professional looking coat you may want to consider investing in one for the long haul. Ask yourself – If I was legitimately meeting a “C” level manager in this coat, would I regret it? The answer you’re going for is “no”.

The answer to the ageless question "what to wear for an interview" does not change much from season to season. This spring remember, first impressions are lasting impressions and you do not want your winter clothes to get you the cold shoulder. Put your best suit forward and good luck!

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