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Enhancing Your Resume with Social Media

June 26, 2013
Enhancing Your Resume with Social Media

As social media continues to revamp how business is conducted, today’s job seekers must likewise consider how their resumes are affected. In today’s corporate world, many times landing the job goes beyond the traditional resume.


Social media has caused a fundamental shift in the way that job seekers search for jobs, and even connect with hiring managers and recruiters. Instead of snail mail and fax, many HR directors today expect to receive resumes as an email attachment, with links to previous work and personal websites.


This new outlook is just one reason why today, more value than ever is placed on non-traditional resume venues, such as LinkedIn and other social networking sites, that allow candidates to express their qualifications.


Beyond the Traditional Resume


A virtual resume enhances the traditional paper resume, providing hiring managers or recruiters with a link to view your full resume or past examples of work. Whether you display this type of material through LinkedIn or on a personal blog, you can provide an overview of your professional experience easily by adding links to websites with your work and professional materials or even videos of your past speaking engagements.


Furthermore, with social media platforms such as YouTube, Vine and now Instagram video, job seekers also have the ability to highlight examples of their work and character. Whether, you are explaining the latest version of Java code you’ve developed, providing a brief introduction of yourself as a professional, or discussing your qualifications and desire for a particular position, a video can demonstrate communication skills and personality even before a face-to-face meeting. It can also be beneficial to add this type of media to your LinkedIn profile.


Alterations to the Traditional Resume

While it’s important to update your online professional profile or resume, many companies may still prefer a traditional resume. However, many hiring managers and recruiters today are looking for a more streamlined resume that allows for greater use of white space to draw the eye to the proper qualifications. Employers may not look for what a potential employee wants to do, but rather what they can do, so it can be beneficial to include a personalized professional summary on your resume to share your past, present and future with potential employers.


Also, include links to your LinkedIn profile or other social networks in your resume’s header. These links can act as a modernized cover letter, providing valuable information that could be left out of the resume if a traditional cover letter is not attached.


Now more than ever, job seekers must stand out in a crowd of equally qualified candidates to get the attention they need from hiring managers. Whether providing traditional or progressive resumes, it is imperative that candidates leave a positive lasting impression.


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Abdul G Baloch

Abdul G Baloch United States
7/29/2013 5:26:42 PM #

I need help with my resume and cover letter


Charlie United States
8/11/2013 4:49:34 PM #

Employees are not supposed to be using social media on the job, and AFAIK that usualy includes HR/hiring managers.

Why does one make use of a media that an employer won't?

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Kforce is a professional staffing and solutions firm providing flexible and permanent placement solutions in the skill areas of technology, finance & accounting and healthcare. Kforce operates in more than 60 offices located throughout the United States and one office in the Philippines.
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