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Get Your Point Across in One Minute or Less

April 16, 2013
Get Your Point Across in One Minute or Less

Whether you’re delivering a presentation or elevator speech during a job interview, it’s important to clearly state your main objectives and goals. Many times in your career you may find yourself in hour-long meetings, but when it’s your turn to speak – get to the point!


For example, take a lesson from a typical TV news story. The reporter starts off with a short intro, gets right into the main message, delivering a story that’s about a minute long and wraps up with quick conclusion of the story or additional details where viewers can go for more information.


You can utilize the same approach when delivering any message in your own career by following the three simple steps below:


1.) Start off with an introduction

You’ve probably heard about the 5 W’s – who, what, where, when and why. The intro of your presentation, elevator speech or any other type of discussion should include at least some of these items, if not all. You always want your audience to know what the purpose of your message is and why it’s important, so these should be your first key points. For example, if you’re in a job interview you would want to reveal more about yourself in a short elevator speech, telling the employer:


  • Who you are – brief introduction of your background
  • What you can offer – short list of your skills and experience
  • When you’re ready to start – provide details on when you’re available to start work if hired
  • Why you – explain why you would be a good match for the position at hand



2.) Deliver the key messages and supporting facts

Once you’ve shared a brief introduction about yourself or the presentation you’re sharing with an audience, it’s time to get into your story. While your project or resume may be filled with detailed information, when speaking, you want to get right into the main points. Select three to five key points you need to reveal to your audience, provide any supporting facts or research on these topics but keep the details to a minimum unless asked.


3.) Wrap up with a short conclusion

After you’ve presented your message, it’s okay to briefly circle back on the three to five key points you focused on in your main message. This is also a great time to discuss next steps, whether it’s for a project in discussion or you’re at the end of your job interview. Ask your audience if they have any questions, if they understand your key points or what else you can do to move a project forward or make it to the next step in the interview process.


Remember, when delivering your message, it’s key to be both thorough and brief. Practice delivering your message ahead of time, time yourself and you can become one step closer to getting your point across in just a minute.


What are some tips that you've used to get to the point or help others to?!

About the author

Danielle RotoloDanielle Rotolo serves as a copywriter and public relations manager for Kforce. Leveraging her background as a local TV news reporter and anchor, Danielle now produces and promotes articles, videos and other content for Kforce. Danielle graduated from UCF and holds a B.A. in Radio-TV. Follow Danielle on Twitter.

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