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Help! My Boss Left, Now What?

June 21, 2012
Help! My Boss Left, Now What?

We have all seen it happen. You have your dream job and work with your dream team, then all of a sudden, your dream boss ups and leaves.


Now what?


Do you throw a temper tantrum and complain of how you will never again find work-place-boss-perfection? Yes, probably, but before you say "I need a new job" try to get over your temper tantrum and move on. Your new boss may be just as great, try to welcome your new boss with a positive attitude, here are three tips for doing so:


  • Avoid the Water Cooler Talk: There is usually water cooler talk about what happened to your old supervisor. Similarly, there is likely talk about who your new boss will be.  Do yourself a favor, bring bottled water to the office and avoid the water cooler chat. It’s in greater favor to maintain positive thinking and disallow outside opinions that may taint future relationships with your new boss.


  • Roll with the Punches: If you had a sincere and longstanding relationship with your prior supervisor it can be difficult to detach yourself from her/his routine.  While process and policies may change, try your best to roll with the punches. It is quite likely changes will be in the teams favor.

  • Be Upfront and Be Personable: Most often your new boss will want to sit down and speak with you regarding your role and your working relationship with the prior supervisor. Take this sit-down discussion as an opportunity to tell her/him what worked well and what did not work well. Just remember to maintain a positive attitude and avoid complaining. This conversation is after all, part of your first impression as to what it will be like to work closely with you.



If you are not asked for a sit down discussion, request one. Most will likely appreciate the effort and candor to improve your working relationship.


Remember, you will not know if your new environment will improve unless you are around to see it. Do not risk your relationships with petty workplace gossip and do not judge what is to happen until you have seen it firsthand.


About the author

Joshua Cohen

Joshua Cohen is a graduate of Brown University and has been in the staffing game for five years as both a sales guy and a recruiter at Kforce. He enjoys (probably a bit too much) reading labor statistics, as well as repairing the economy one temporary position at a time.

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