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10 Minutes Early is on Time for an Interview

April 3, 2012
10 Minutes Early is on Time for an Interview

After having interviewed a countless number of applicants at varying stages of their search, it appears enthusiasm for interviews has made applicants… well, nervous. Many have forgotten the cardinal rules of interviewing; arrive for your interview not too early or too late. Remember: ten minutes early is on time.


Being too early may rush your interviewer or frazzle them into a hurry. The last thing you want your interviewer to be is rushed or frazzled before you spend the next sixty plus minutes together.


Looking for ways to ensure you’re not rushed and on time to your interview? In addition to reviewing top interview tips, below are three ways to prepare the evening before and help you arrive ten minutes early for your next big opportunity: 


1.  Map out directions and know your estimated travel time: Mapquest, Bing Maps, Google Maps, HopStop – they are all readily available the evening before your interview. If you’re working with a recruiter they will have probably already given you directions, if not, the evening before is a good time to worry about knowing the location of your interview.


2.  Prepare your attire: Choose every detail of your suit or interview attire the evening before. Iron your clothes and hang them back up to ensure they’re clean and crisp. Thoroughly review your clothes to ensure there are no moth bites, stains, or missing buttons the evening before; the last thing you want to worry about the morning of your interview is your outfit. Feeling sharp will give you great confidence. So, no wrinkles or khaki shorts allowed.


3.  Prepare your briefcase or portfolio: You should always have copies of your resume in your portfolio, one for you and a few extra for your interviewer (and any surprise interviewers brought into your meeting). The evening before is when you should prepare your portfolio with copies of your resume and jot down any questions you want to ask about the interviewer or the company. Also, be sure to take your printed directions and the names of who you are meeting with, floor numbers noted.


Now, you are prepared to arrive ‘on time’. Go and set your alarm clock, review your outfit one last time, check over your directions, make yourself a cup of tea, relax and go to sleep early. You have a big day ahead of yourself, but remember that you’re only on time if you’re ten minutes early!

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Joshua Cohen

Joshua Cohen is a graduate of Brown University and has been in the staffing game for five years as both a sales guy and a recruiter at Kforce. He enjoys (probably a bit too much) reading labor statistics, as well as repairing the economy one temporary position at a time.

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