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Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowd

December 4, 2012
Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowd

Today, job seekers are challenged more than ever to differentiate themselves from a sea of similar candidates all competing for that one, coveted position. Every job seeker wants the same opportunity – a chance to interview and prove that they are the right candidate for the job.


It doesn’t seem like too much to ask… unfortunately, getting the initial opportunity can be the biggest challenge. What it ultimately comes down to is writing an effective resume that highlights your personal accomplishments with measureable results to get you that interview opportunity.

Define accomplishments, rather than simply listing tasks

Including relevant details on your resume will answer your prospective employer’s questions before they ask (you might not get another chance to). When describing your role in an organization, emphasize the impact you've made. Rather than simply listing your duties, explain the value you added to your company.

Answer questions like:

  • How did you help improve their organization?
  • How did you help them grow?
  • How did you gain efficiencies or save the company dollars?
  • How did you improve upon an existing process? 

Knowing and appealing to your target audience is critical

In most cases, your resume will be reviewed by a combination of Human Resource professionals and Technical Managers. It is absolutely imperative that you appeal to both parties. Combine key words that align with the job description and support them with detailed facts. Always remember, balance is critical. If you are overly technical, your resume could look like an excerpt from a textbook; if you are too surface level, you will likely appear under-qualified. Keep it clear, concise and relevant.

Showcase the variety of talents that you possess

It's important to demonstrate your leadership abilities, managerial accomplishments and technical skills that you have developed in your career. Clearly indicate any promotions and increased levels of responsibility.


Additionally, identify yourself as an industry expert by including any awards and/or recognition you have received or publications you have been featured in. Include those you have earned both internally as an employee or externally, for example, by a local business publication. If you have received exceptionally positive yearly reviews from your management, include them as well.



In order to stand out in a competitive job search, you have to demonstrate that you are a well rounded candidate. Present yourself and your resume properly and the interview request may shortly follow!

About the author

Rebekah BorioRebekah Borio is a graduate of Ursinus College and is a talent representative for Kforce, focusing on the finance and accounting industry. She enjoys working with people and is excited to be in a career where she can guide and match people with the right opportunities.  Connect with Rebekah on LinkedIn

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