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Monday Motivation - Covey’s Habit of Highly Effective People

October 1, 2012
Monday Motivation - Covey’s Habit  of Highly Effective People

In our office's latest effort to motivate and inspire Great Work by our Great People, I suggested several must-read business books for professional development. One of those books was Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


This week I am thinking of Habit #5: “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood”.


When was the last time you actively listened to your clients, customers, colleagues or even your boss? How active are you listening to the needs of those you work with?


In actively listening to those whom we are continuously communicating with, we improve our own quality of work. When our work is of good quality it can result in a happier client, customer or colleague, and a happier self. This week I challenge you to understand the true needs of those around you. When you are asked to complete an assignment, listen carefully to the task. When you are fielding a question or concern – listen, and do so actively.


Listening can improve your professional relationships and your communication skills. While better meeting the needs of your clients or customers by listening may increase your clout, it may also increase your own self satisfaction with your work.


For other tips on effectively communicating read Do You Have Good Communication Skills in Your Workplace?


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Tom RendaTom Renda is President of the New England Market for Kforce. Tom started his staffing career with Renaissance Worldwide. Previously Tom worked at Northeastern University and Clemson University. Tom holds a Bachelors of Science from Boston College and an MBA from Endicott College. Tom is active in his community north of Boston and volunteers in youth sports programs. 

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