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What NOT to: Wear on an Interview (Part II)

May 31, 2012

First impressions are everything. It doesn’t matter how qualified you may be for the job, if you distract a potential employer with an abundance of colors or risqué skirt, you could put another candidate in line for what could have been your job!

To help you dress your best for the workplace, Kforce has compiled a list of the top fashions you should avoid for an interview:


  • Jeans and t-shirts – Even if the employer is known for its casual atmosphere, it is still important to put the right foot forward and wear a professional pair of slacks and button-up shirt. While you want to remain comfortable during your interview, your favorite jeans and a concert shirt will likely tell an interviewer that you are a little too relaxed for the workplace.


  • Ill-fitting clothing – From too much clothing to too little – your interview attire should have the right fit. Baggy clothes don’t demonstrate a professional appearance and revealing or tight clothing could leave your interviewer unfocused and distracted from learning about your qualifications for the job. Regardless of gender, wearing a suit (guys should add a tie) that is tailored for your body can help exude confidence and professionalism.


  • Sandals – Instead of sandals, guys can opt for a closed toed loafer and women should choose professional footwear with an appropriate heel.


  • Loud Jewelry – Women know all about accessorizing for an outfit, but it’s important to keep the jewelry to a minimum for an interview. While that trendy new bracelet or necklace may look great, it could be a noisy distraction anytime you move around during your interview.


  • Distracting patterns – Just as accessories can be a distraction on the ears, noisy patterns can come as a distraction on the eyes. Try to avoid loud patterns or colors by wearing solid colors with somewhat muted tones. Sometimes a professional black dress or dark-colored suit can go a long way in the interview process!


  • Strong scents – Instead of focusing on your elevator pitch, qualifications and skills, an interviewer could be distracted by a strong aroma! When using perfume or cologne, only apply a small amount behind your ears or on your wrists.


  • Hats – While it is okay to wear a hat on the way to an interview when it’s chilly outside, it is not appropriate to keep any type of hat on when you step foot into the office. Whether it’s a fashionable fedora or your favorite team’s cap, leave it in a bag or in the car during your interview.


  • Sunglasses – Finally, as you head into your interview, don’t spoil your professional appearance by forgetting to remove your sunglasses. Arriving ten minutes early for your interview will allow you to prepare to look your best from head to toe!


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KforceKforce is a professional staffing and solutions firm providing flexible and permanent placement services, as well as outsourcing solutions, in the skill areas of technology, finance & accounting, healthcare and government. Kforce operates in more than 60 offices throughout the United States and one in the Philippines.

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Kforce is a professional staffing and solutions firm providing flexible and permanent placement solutions in the skill areas of technology, finance & accounting and healthcare. Kforce operates in more than 60 offices located throughout the United States and one office in the Philippines.
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